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Scotland’s Route 66 is based on the popular NC500.

We differ in that we believe there is more to the Northern Highlands than just a circular road.

Starting at Culloden Battlefield to give you the perfect introduction before you travel is our No1 Tip and should be your No1 Stop.

Key Features

The App has over 20 maps, covering all you need to know about where to go.

With built-in Navigation for your own created Maps.

Local weather from over 10 places around the Route.

Maps are downloadable for offline use.

Help is just a click away With our FAQ’s and Helpful video.

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You’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, but you’re not sure where to stay.

If you use the Scotland’s Route 66 app, we can help. Our mobile app is a travel guide for anyone who wants to explore Scotland and create their own adventure! It has everything you need from information about accommodations in your area of choice to places that are nearby like pubs or restaurants.

We want people to come back again and again because they had such a good time here last time! With our mobile app, it will be easy for them find things they enjoyed during their trip. They’ll also have all the information they need in one place – no more digging through paper guides or websites trying figure out what they liked best on their last visit!

Scotland is a beautiful country with so much to see and do, but it can be hard to know where to start when planning your trip.

The problem is that there are just too many things you want to see and do in Scotland. There’s no way you could fit them all into one trip!

We created the Route 66 app because we wanted a simple way for people visiting or living in Scotland to plan their trips and adventures around the country. This mobile app helps users find places they might like based on what they’ve already seen, as well as create custom routes by adding their favorite attractions, activities, restaurants, and hotels along the way. You can also use our map tools to get directions between any two points on our map of Scotland at any time of day or night.

2 reviews for Official App – Available on Both IOS & Android

  1. George

    It is Great to have so many Maps in one Place. Also being able to create my own maps and I now have one for each day of my trip making navigating and remembering where to go easier. Due to Travel end of May and cannot wait….

  2. Alex

    This is real handy as I had a map for each day of my trip with the places i wanted to visit. Made planning easier

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